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Dentistry for the entire family. We’ve treated multiple generations of families from Fridley and the Twin Cities Metro area, from South Minneapolis to Excelsior to Andover.

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Kirsten H.

Dr. Tom came to my son’s preschool class right after we had just visited our large-chain dental office and gotten a $1,000 quote to fill my squirmy 4-year old’s cavity. He told me what his approach would be for the same procedure and his confidence about filling the cavity without the use of sedation convinced me to give him a try. Dr. Tom was able to get the cavity filled while maintaining my son’s comfort, and without the high cost. I couldn’t believe how well it went and we’re happy to continue to see Dr. Tom four years later, all the way from Excelsior.

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Autumn K.

My lower cheek started to swell and become painful over a few months. I went to my dentist but he didn’t find anything so he sent me to an oral surgeon. The oral surgeon couldn’t find anything either so I just had to endure the pain and swelling. A friend suggested I talk to Dr. Tom and he diagnosed a blocked submandibular gland.

He recommended sucking on sugar-free lemon drops to stimulate saliva so I tried it. It took about two days but it worked and I started feeling relief. I was shocked my problem was solved so easily--and without surgery. I’ve been going to Dr. Tom ever since.